Transformation of Ying Ying

Ying Ying came to Hong Kong with her mother when she was 7 years old. Her father, being the breadwinner of the family, had to take odd jobs with little income just to get by. On top of the financial stress her family dealt with, the shy Ying Ying also has special education needs. As a result, school and academics were difficult for her. Ying Ying’s mother was so frustrated with Ying’s grades as well as the pressure in their financial life, leading to more tension in their relationship.

Fortunately Ying Ying’s was referred by her school to our Mong Kok Service Centre to join the afterschool programme. Our tutor saw Ying Ying, took notice and provided specialised care for her and her disabilities. This was just the support she needed most! Ying Ying’s life outside the programme even improved, because one of our social workers began working with Ying Ying’s mother, providing counselling to improve their mother-daughter relationship.

Ying Ying also participates in our outdoor activities occasionally and has begun to integrate into society. The programme has also opened the door for Ying’s mother to take on odd jobs as a way to build greater self-reliance for their family.

We currently care for 70 children like Ying Ying in our afterschool programme to give them academic support and also bring hope to their families.

Monthly donation of HK$700 provides after-school care, interest classes, and learning activities for a disadvantaged child for 1 month.

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Zhou La – Growing under God’s Grace

Zhou La was raised by his grandparents since he was young. Due to challenges brought on by ageing, his grandparents had no choice but to send 5 year-old Zhou La and his siblings to Huangnan Children's Home.

Though originally sent to the children’s home with his brother and sister, Zhou La’s brother left to attend boarding school and his sister lived in separate quarters. This left poor Zhou La feeling isolated. He did not have many friends and constantly got into conflicts with other children. One day, he decided to run away from the school and attempted to go to his grandparents’ on his own. Luckily, Good Samaritans found him along the way and made sure he was safe.

When Zhou La returned to the children's home, a social worker gave him an assessment and made arrangements for him to participate in the orientation group for new children, giving him a chance to learn and practise social skills. The children also got to meet the staff and understand the operations of the home, which helped them reduce anxiety and adjust to the new living environment. As a result, Zhou La has not only found his love for basketball, but has also grown close with another child from the home! He never felt alone since then.

Currently, Christian Action works with the Qinghai Provincial Government to manage five children’s homes, giving basic care to children as well as tending to their physical and mental growth. It is our aim for them grow up in a warm and loving environment.

Monthly donation of HK$250 contributes to the fees needed to care for one child at the children’s home for one month, including the costs of social workers, recreational activities and interest classes.

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