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Reprovisioning of Christian Action’s Headquarters


Since 2014, Christian Action (CA) has been in ongoing discussion with the Government about the New Horizons Building (NHB), our current headquarters in Kowloon Bay that is subject to be demolished under the government redevelopment plan (Outline Zoning Plan no. S/K13/29). After two meetings to consider all representations and comments submitted to this plan in November 2017, the Town Planning Board (TPB) has decided not to uphold the representation and comments to support CA’s stay at NHB.

After much deliberation with the Board and Management team, CA has decided to accept the Labour and Welfare Bureau’s (LWB) offer to reprovision our organisation to a school premise in Choi Wan Estate – a premise that is currently occupied by Po Leung Kuk (PLK) Mrs. Chan Nam Chong Memorial Primary School and PLK Anita L.L. Chan (Centenary) School.

While it is with a heavy heart to be departing our 32-year-old base, we understand the Government’s needs to increase land supply and build public housing in Hong Kong. The move to the new site is not without challenges, but we trust that the new site will open a new chapter for CA.

Continuing our services for the Kowloon East community is our first and foremost vision, and the new location will allow us to do just that. CA will strive to do our best to maintain all our services at the new site, to ensure the least disruption to our services and to reach even more in need. Our lease at NHB will be extended, and we will have around one year from today to prepare for our move.

Anyone who has previously supported CA’s stay at NHB would have recently received an email from TPB regarding the decision on NHB. The email is only to notify those who have submitted a representation, comment, or those who have attended the hearing of the outcome of the meeting. No further actions or follow-up would be required.

We sincerely thank everyone who has voiced out for CA in our mission to serve the community, and hope that you would continue to lend a hand to support us in times of uncertainty.

Christian Action
6 March 2018 

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