Our Relief work for Yushu

On 14th April 2010 a 7.1 magnitude devastated Yushu Prefecture. The people of Qinghai were deeply affected. More than 2,000 people died, and many thousands suffered serious injuries and lost their homes.

Appeal for donations

Christian Action responded immediately and raised HK$2,500,000 to helping the victims of the earthquake.

Sending a team of volunteer to provide professional counseling service

Christian Action also sent 12 volunteers to Yushu together with Xining hospitals to provide trauma counseling to over 100 people affected by earthquake.

Sending out necessities for immediate relief

With Christian Action’s assistance, Jade Cargo International, a mainland air cargo carrier sent 94 tents and 23 heaters to provide immediate relief for 600 people in Shang La Xiu Xiang.

Taking care of the orphans and healing the post-disaster trauma

68 children orphaned by the earthquake were transferred to Huangnan Children’s Home, which is co-managed by Christian Action and Huangnan Civil Affairs Bureau. During the summer in 2010, 190 children participated in a camp designed to identify post traumatic stress disorder. As a result, many showed faster recovery from the devastating effects after the summer camp.

Why donate to Christian Action?

Christian Action has been serving in Qinghai Province for over sixteen years and has invested over HK$32 million in helping the people of Qinghai. Our poverty alleviation work and the co-management of Children's Homes and Qinghai's first Children's Rehabilitation Center has gained the respect of local and provincial government departments. We have clearly demonstrated that Christian Action is committed to Qinghai - and Yushu - for the long term. But we need your help to ensure that the rehabilitation care of earthquake survivors will become a reality in Yushu!

How You Can Help:

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