Medical Support

We arrange appropriate medical and surgical treatment for those children from our children’s home who need it. Volunteer doctors and dentists from a variety of countries, including, Hong Kong, USA, Canada and Malaysia, pay regular visits. They offer their specialist skills, helping to diagnose conditions, and advise resident doctors on treatment plans.

The Story of Zhuo Ma

Thirteen-year old Zhuo Ma who lives at Huangnan Children’s Home is one of the children, we have arranged surgery for.

Zhuo Ma’s face and hand were badly burnt in a fire when she was two years old.  We brought Zhuo Ma to Hong Kong for corrective surgery in 2011. Growing up, Zhuo Ma had learnt to cope with limited use of her left hand, and never asked for help or complained. She washed her hair, her clothes and did her chores, like all the other little girls. Doctors helped restore some of the functionality through surgery, and a physiotherapist helped her to regain some of the strength and mobility she had lost through disuse. Zhuo Ma realizes that her disability is not as debilitating as she thought, and she wants to be a teacher, so she can teach children that the world is a big place, and the sky is the limit!

Doctors also released skin around her left eye, where scar tissue was preventing her eye from closing completely. With long term exposure to her cornea, she could have lost the sight in that eye. The surgery was a huge success. She was released from hospital in September 2011 and returned to Huangnan Children’s Home in October 2011.

Since 2008, Christian Action has arranged and sponsored over 200 medical treatments or surgeries for our children.



Medical Care in Qinghai

Medical professionals from Canning Garden Baptist Church in Malaysia visited Xining Children’s Home in August 2012. Afterwards they generously gave their time and shared their medical expertise with medical staff from Qinghai Charity Hospital. Financial constraints prevent the charity hospital from performing major surgery, severely limiting their medical staff’s scope of experience. The opportunity to exchange information with Malaysian doctors was a true gift!

The guests then travelled to remote regions of Guoluo to attend to the medical needs of Tibetan villagers, who would normally need to travel many miles from their villages simply to see a doctor.

Perfect Smiles for Huangnan

In June 2012, Dr Eilly Lau and a team of 16 dental professionals from the Kong Society of Paediatric Dentistry travelled to Qinghai, at their own expense. They went to provide the poorest of the poor, orphans and abandoned children living in Huangnan Children’s Home with much needed free dental treatment.

372 children, 40 staff members, 196 extractions, 183 fillings and 277 dental scalings later, Dr Lau and her team were able to pat each other on their aching backs, for a job well done! Four days bent over their patients left them exhausted, and used up all their supplies, but their sense of accomplishment was unequalled. The weary group then packed up their equipment, and waved goodbye to their grateful patients.

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