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The New Horizons Building

The New Horizons Building (NHB), Christian Action’s headquarters and main social service and training centre, is subject to be demolished for the Government’s redevelopment plans for Kowloon East. Under this plan, the Town Planning Board (TPB) held a representation period on the Outline Zoning Plan (No. S/K13/29) from April to June, and received a total of 8,460 representations. Thanks to your support, 8,452 individuals and organisations have made representations to oppose the Government’s development plan in Kowloon Bay.

The representations have been summarised by TPB and are now published for a three-week comment period until 25 August, open to anyone who wishes to make further comments on any of the representations received. We would be very grateful if you can take this opportunity to continue reflecting your support to Christian Action’s stay (i.e. OPPOSE ITEMS A & B) by submitting a comment on the TPB website before 25 August by following a few simple steps (please click here for instructions).

Your comments to support CA and objection to the demolition of NHB can include any of your positive personal experience with CA. Feel free to contribute your own opinions. All representations and comments received will be considered in a public hearing held by TPB after the three-week comment period. The hearing will be open to all who have made a submission, and we hope that you could attend and support us at the hearing or authorise us to speak on your behalf.

We sincerely hope that you can allow us to serve the communities we serve at NHB based on the following reasons:

  • Under the Government’s development plan, the New Horizons Building is included in the second phase of public housing development (Item A) and a secondary school (Item B). Leased to CA since 1982, the NHB houses a range of social services to benefit the disadvantaged communities from the districts of Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin and Kowloon City, and acts as a pillar for the coordination of Christian Action’s 21 social service and training centres and 5 community sales outlets across Kowloon and New Territories. Over 1 million attendances have been served by CA in the past 30 years. The long period of social and training services delivered at NHB and the large number of beneficiaries indicate there are genuine and persistent needs for these services at this community service hub. While we fully recognise the Government’s needs in developing public housing, we urge the government to fulfil the social service needs within the district.

  • NHB is centrally located amid a wide stretch of public rental estates from Wong Tai Sin to Kwun Tong. Within the planning area covered under this development plan in Ngau Tau Kok and Kowloon Bay, there are already ten public rental estates. The Kwun Tong district, in particular, is reported to be the 2nd poorest district in Hong Kong, and has been earmarked for further housing development through 13 plots of land. With the occupation of the public rental estates in Kai Tak, including Tak Long Estate and Kai Ching Estate, CA has already experienced an increased demand for our services. The proposed rezoning along Wang Chiu Road would introduce more public housing blocks at the expense of the removal of NHB as a community service hub, and would only introduce a larger demand for social services in the already dire service gap.

  • NHB embodies an important piece of Hong Kong history. Formerly the headquarters of the former Royal Air Force in the 1970s, it was later used as Kai Tak Camp and a Departure Centre for Vietnamese refugees until 1998, where CA (formerly Hong Kong Christian Aid for Refugees) provided services and operated a school for this community. NHB is one of the only preserved structures retained from the history of Vietnamese refugees in Hong Kong, and has recently been included as one of the historical buildings to be assessed by Antiquities Advisory Board.

  • Since acknowledging the Government's development plan, CA has been liaising with a number of Bureaux and Departments to seek for appropriate solution. Over three years of effort liaising with the Government, little progress has been made except from the extension of lease by Labour and Welfare Bureau until 30 June 2018. In recognition of our contributions to maintaining the welfare within the district, CA has received wide support from our service recipients, District Councillors, Legislative Councillors and public communities to continue our work at NHB. If the demolition of NHB is absolutely necessary for the purpose of housing, then a reprovisioned site(s) within the same district should be identified for CA’s relocation, so that the disruption to the services delivered to the community is minimised.

Christian Action
18 August 2017

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