插畫:陳瓜 (Facebook)

  • 患有先天性多重關節攣縮
  • 雙腿不能彎曲
  • 出生數月便被送到黃南州兒童福利院



The Brave Pan De

Illustrated by: Chan Gua (Facebook)

  • Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital
  • Inability to bend her legs
  • Only a few months old when she was sent to Huangnan Children’s Home

To improve her mobility, Christian Action made arrangements for her to undergo leg correction surgery in Tianjin and Hong Kong. In 2016 and 2017, Pan De received two surgeries on her left knee joint. She recovered so well that she was able to dance in the opening ceremony of our summer camp last year.

Pan De is a brave and happy child with gleaming positivity. Recently, she underwent another surgery to improve the mobility of the thighs and buttocks. She is getting better with the undivided care of her foster parents.

天使般的孩子 ─ 榕榕

插畫:Mean Production (Instagram)

  • 天生雙腿內彎
  • 無法正常走動
  • 自小在西寧市兒童福利中長大
  • 十歲那年被送到院中的心寧家園生活



The Angelic Child –  Yong Yong

Illustrated by: Mean Production (Instagram)

  • Inability to bend her legs
  • Reduced walking ability
  • Grew up in Xining Children’s Home
  • Was sent to Xin Ning Court (a small group home) at age 10

The Xin Ning Court is designed for children with mild to moderate disabilities and aims to provide a warm, family-like environment and to improve their self-care abilities. Yong Yong was able to experience the warmth of the family through the love and care given by her foster parents.

Yong Yong is a passionate and caring child whose disability has never kept her from living enthusiastically. She not only takes good care of herself, but is also able to do her house chores everyday. As the eldest “sister”, Yong Yong shoulders the responsibility of taking care of her brothers like an angel who cares about everyone around her!

得來不易的呼吸 ─ 康康

插畫:羊姑娘 (Instagram)

  • 出生數天呼吸衰竭
  • 入院接受兩次搶救
  • 單親媽媽離他而去
  • 入住海西州兒童福利院



A Breath Gained with Much Peril – Kang Kang

Illustrated by: Sheep Nurse (Instagram)

  • Respiratory failure and suffocation when he was a few days old
  • Had received emergency resuscitations twice
  • Left behind by his mother
  • Admitted into Haixi Children’s Home

Christian Action continuously consults with hospitals and pediatricians abroad to better understand his medical condition. We have also searched for ventilators and nutritious milk powders, so that he could develop a strong and healthy body.

Now a year old, Kang Kang’s condition is gradually becoming more stable. Even though Kang Kang’s mid-brain has been damaged due to hypoxia, we will continue to arrange regular check-ups and treatment for him. We hope he can grow up healthily and happily!

克服重重障礙 ─ 小金牛

插畫:VVinnie (Facebook)

  • 自小患上腦癱
  • 難以控制口部肌肉令說話含糊不清
  • 需長期使用輪椅
  • 兩歲時入住西寧市兒童福利院



The Overcomer – Mark

Illustrated by: VVinnie (Facebook)

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Speech disorder
  • Bound to a wheelchair
  • Sent to Xining Children’s Home at the age of 2

Mark (Xiao Jin Niu) loves to learn. Because he is unable to control his hands, Mark uses his other body parts to turn the pages of books. This inspired his teacher to teach Mark how to write using his feet thus becoming the starting point of his journey of empowerment.

It takes a few minutes for an average student to write a page worth of homework, but the same task takes over 30 minutes for Mark to accomplish. Despite the challenge, he never gives up! With sheer determination, Mark takes his time in completing the homework even at the times when he feels exhausted. Because of all the support and encouragement around him, Mark can now competently use a cellphone and computer with his feet.

無間斷的奇蹟 ─ 斗格

插畫:阿徐 (Facebook)

  • 15歲生日前一星期被診斷患有腦腫瘤
  • 腫瘤大小如一個高爾夫球
  • 生存機會非常渺茫
  • 自小住在黃南州兒童福利院



 A Series of Miracles – Dou Ge

Illustrated by: Ah Tsui (Facebook)

  • Diagnosed with a brain tumour one week before her 15th birthday
  • Had a tumor as big as a golf ball
  • Very slim chance of survival
  • Grew up in Huangnan Children’s Home

Christian Action’s Executive Director, Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei, wrote about Dou Ge and her condition in her weekly blog. Fortunately, a neurosurgeon read the blog post and contacted his colleague at his hospital’s Neurology Department in Hong Kong. After studying her MRI scans, they recommended that an immediate surgery might save her life.

Through the generosity of the community, we were able to raise enough funds to cover her expenses including surgery, transportation and accommodation, etc. She underwent surgery in Hong Kong and the benign tumour was successfully removed. Dou Ge has now become more outgoing, cheerful and dreams of becoming a healthcare professional when she grows up.


插畫:屬靈小勇士 (Facebook)

  • 自小患上腦癱
  • 導致他下肢肌肉和關節攣縮
  • 四歲時便被家人遺棄
  • 於2005年入住西寧市兒童福利院



 The Transformation of Xiaolong

Illustrated by: The Little Spiritual Warriors (Facebook)

  • Cerebral palsy
  • A contracture in his lower limb muscles and joints causing both legs to bend inwards
  • Abandoned by his parents at the age of 4
  • Admitted into Xining Children’s Home in 2005

Xiaolong has been provided with the most appropriate and comprehensive care and support to address his medical, nutritional and educational needs. In his second year at the Home, he was arranged to undergo selective sympathectomy to improve his level of mobility followed by an extensive rehabilitation plan.

Now 17 years old, Xiaolong dreams to be an orator someday. He hopes his story could raise awareness among the general public about those who are neglected in society.

愛與希望的見證 ─ 群群

插畫:丹尼爾。海 (Facebook)

  • 患有先天性多發性關節攣縮
  • 手腕、手肘及腳踝關節嚴重畸形
  • 出生數天便被送往西寧市兒童福利院



Testimony of Love & Hope – Qun

Illustrated by: Daniel Hoi (Facebook)

  • Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita
  • Underdevelopment of wrists, ankles and elbows
  • Sent to Xining Children’s Home when she was only a few days old

Qun’s life became difficult due to her inability to move her joints. With Christian Action’s help, she was able to undergo two major surgeries in 2013 and 2015 and faced a rigourous physical therapy regimen afterward.

Now, she is capable of doing a lot of activities such as playing soccer and riding a scooter on her own. What even makes it better was that she was adopted in 2015!