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Online Volunteer Registration for Christian Action Flag Day 2022 on 27 July 2022 (Kowloon Region)
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On-Street Volunteer:
1.Volunteers under 14 years of age are only permitted to sell flags while accompanied by a parent or guardian.
2.Christian Action will give priority to your selected district, but allocation may vary depending on final volunteer deployment.
3.Christian Action has bought 3rd party insurance for all volunteers under 80-years of age.
4.Flag bags must be returned to the designated collection point by the end of the Flag Day, i.e. 12:00 pm on 27th July 2022.
5.A certificate of appreciation will be presented to each volunteer.
6.The Director of Social Welfare has given approval to three organisations to sell flags in: Hong Kong Island region, Kowloon region and the New Territories region respectively on 27th July 2022. We are authorised to conduct flag sales in Kowloon region on that day. (Public Subscription Permit No. FD/R036/2022)

On-line Volunteer:
1.Please check your details and click on the link embedded in the e-mail for confirmation. You can forward the fundraising page and invite your family and friends to support Christian Action Flag Day 2022. If you do not receive this, please check the “junk” or “trash” mailboxes in your e-mail, or call us at: 2716 8862 for further enquiries.
2.A certificate of appreciation will be presented to each volunteer.
Your personal data collected will be kept strictly confidential for Flag Day 2022 and issuing certificate. The information provided could be used to help you stay informed about us. If you disagree to receive further communications from Christian Action, please mark a “✓” in the box.

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