Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes, a dish from the heart

Ting Ting grasped her older sister Sum Sum’s hand as they walked back home with a fresh food package from Christian Action. She was content, knowing that her mother would likely make scrambled eggs with tomatoes to celebrate their high marks on the school examination.


When they first came to Hong Kong, Ting was frustrated, as her sister was often stressed to tears searching for answers to her English homework. Even worse, life at home was not easy due to her parents’ struggle to make a living. Her parents were not able to help them catch up on their schoolwork, nor were they able to care for her and her sister the way they needed.


When they were in despair, they were referred by her sister’s classmate to our Mongkok Service Centre, Ting and Sum joined the After-school Learning and Support Programme and met tutors who were there to teach and support them. Ting was happy to see sister to regain confidence in her learning.


Ting now comes to the centre with her sister every day to participate in the after-school programme and attend English class on the weekends. Because of their vulnerable living conditions, Christian Action also distributes fresh food packages regularly to ensure both girls have adequate nutrition and a balanced diet for their developmental years.


It’s dinner time! Ting and Sum’s mother served up the scrambled eggs with tomatoes and they were filled with joy.








Blessings for Little Gan Zhuang

Gan Zhuang was found in a small village when he was born. He was then sent to Hainan Children’s Home, making him the first baby in the children’s home. When we arranged a medical check-up for Gan Zhuang at the hospital, we found that he was born with a lot of diseases, including neonatal pneumonia, encephalitis, anoxic encephalopathy, hyperkalemia, hypoproteinemia, renal function abnormality, rotavirus enteritis, congenital atrial septal defect and metabolic alkalosis. For all of these conditions, he needed critical treatment at the hospital. Thankfully, Christian Action was able to provide emergency funds to Gan Zhaung to receive critical medical treatment at the hospital. Following treatment in the hospital and loving care by the children’s home, Gan Zhuang is now getting better after 3 months.


Gan Zhuang is still a little baby, and the doctor advised to keep observing his progress for a few months and to only administer treatment when necessary. He is now staying in Hainan Children’s Home. We employed a care-giver to take care of him 24 hours per day.


Every child deserves love and blessings. We dedicate ourselves to provide a warm and loving home for him.