Officially took over the management of Kai Tak Vietnamese Refugee Camp

- Appointed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
- Services included:
■ Whole-day primary and secondary schooling to Vietnamese refugee children at the New Horizons School (which subsequently became New Horizons Building) until 1991
■ Dental services for 12 years
■ Sewing and knitting workshops to pregnant women
- Over 3,100 people in the Kai Tak Vietnamese Refugee Camp


Provided training and job placement services at all open and closed refugee camps in Hong Kong

- Over 9,000 people in the four closed camp and the Kai Tak open camp


Set up work and training units at 10 detention centres

- Taught basic carpentry skills, construction maintenance and handicraft skills


Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei was appointed as Executive Director

- She first joined Christian Action in 1987


ERB programme (Formerly ERB Employees Retraining Scheme)

- Career counselling, training courses and employment services
- Close to 302,000 attendances have been served


Migrant Domestic Workers Programme

- Provide over 208,000 paralegal consultations
- Over 169,000 attendances benefitted through trainings and shelters


Organisation was renamed to Christian Action

- Established a new vision and expanded the scope of our services


Services for New Arrivals

- Adaptation courses, women’s mutual help groups, counselling and after-school child care services
- Combined into "Support Services for Children & Families" in 2020


The official end of Vietnamese Refugees Programme

- Over 100,000 Vietnamese refugees served during the 12-year period


China Programme - Humanitarian services in Qinghai, China - signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Qinghai Civil Affairs Bureau and Poverty Alleviation Bureau

- Agreed to co-manage Xining Children’s Home, and build winter homes
- To date, 462 winter homes have been built
- Built, repaired and extended 10 schools, provided 2,000 school places every year to poverty-stricken Tibetan students in rural areas

China Programme - Qinghai Children’s Welfare Services

- Assists in managing Xining Children’s Home, the first children’s home in Qinghai, with Qinghai Civil Affairs Department
- Currently assists in managing 4 children’s homes, served 2,202 orphans and community children


Self-employment Enterprise Scheme

- Over 500 people benefitted from the programme
- Over 70% of the graduates have started small businesses


Youth Employment Training Programme (formerly Youth Pre-Employment Training Programme and Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme)

- Comprehensive pre-employment and on-the-job training for youth aged 15 to 24
- It has provided courses taught in English to ethnic minority youth since 2003
- Close to 11,000 youth have been served


Community Meal Service

- The first programme in partnership with the Social Welfare Department
- Delivered over 6,000 meals to seniors and those in need in the community


Employment Support Services (EmSS) (formerly Integrated Employment Assistance Programme for Self-Reliance)

- One-stop employment assistance services to Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) applicants
- Close to 28,000 unemployed and CSSA beneficiaries have been served


Self-enhancement Short-term Courses

- Offered self-financed self-enhancement short-term courses, focusing on continuing study on the workplace and personal well-being development.

Social Enterprise and Green Collection Programme

- Using a sustainable business operation model to promote being environmentally friendly
- There are four Community Sales Outlets
- Over 6,417 tonnes of clothing have been collected
- Since 2006, we are being appointed as the Scheme Manager of the Home Affairs Department "Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme" of the Kowloon Region

Centre for Refugees (formerly named as Chungking Mansion Service Centre)

- Hong Kong’s first and only drop-in centre that provides immediate assistance to refugees and asylum seekers
- 4,610 clients and 413,000 attendances have been served


Corporate Trainings & Continuing Education Fund (CEF) Courses

- Offered corporate trainings to different business sectors to enhance employees’ employability.
- Developed CEF courses to upgrade employees’ competitiveness.

Services for Ethnic Minorities

- Language courses, consulting and referral service on social resources, employment training and employment counselling services
- First opened in Sau Mau Ping - the first service centre for ethnic minorities that receives funding from The Hong Kong Jockey Club
- Subsequently moved to Jordan and Tuen Mun and opened SHINE Centres
- Close to 225,000 attendances have been served


Vocational Training Courses for Inmates under the Correctional Services Department (CSD)

- Offered inmates under CSD with a variety of vocational training courses to enhance their employability upon completion of their sentence.

Digital Learning Centre

- Expanded from Community Information & Cyber Centre in 2019
- Over 19,000 people have been served


China Programme - Children’s Rehabilitation Centre

- Provide assistance to children with disabilities in Xining Children’s Home and the surrounding community
- Provided rehabilitation training and special education services to 750 children


China Programme - Youth Assistance Programme

- 2,405 grants have been given to orphans and the underprivileged ethnic minority students living on the mountainside in Qinghai


China Programme - Xining Children’s Home awarded as one of the National Ten Best Children’s Welfare Organisations

- Recognised that the level of services at the children’s home had reached national standards


China Programme - Signed the Blue Sky Project with the Qinghai provincial government

- Agreed to assist the development of quality services for children's welfare in 8 children's homes in Qinghai


Child Development Fund Programme

- Enhances children and youth’s ability to manage and plan for themselves through “Targeted Savings”, “Mentorship” and “Personal Development Plan”
- Helps children and youth with disadvantages in Kwun Tong, Yuen Long, Tseung Kwan O and Sai Kung
- 53,000 attendances have been served including 1,740 children and youth and 1,027 mentors
- Collaborated with 175 churches


Trade Advisory Committee

- Formed Trade Advisory Committee to consult employers and their representatives from different business sectors on talent training and development issues.

China-HK Vocational Training Exchange Programme

- Invited as a guest speaker for China-HK vocational training exchange programme organized by the Institute of Professional Education and Knowledge, Vocational Training Council.

Christian Action Embracing Counselling Centre

- 2,400 hours face-to-face counselling services have been provided.
- 2019 renamed as Embracing Counselling and Couple/Family Therapy Centre to offer couple and family therapy services.

Long Ping Service Centre

- Since the launch of the CDF project in Yuen Long district in 2008, our service team has been temporarily based in Yuen Long Ping Shan Village. In 2012, we successfully applied the site from Housing Authority and relocated the service center on Yuen Long Long Ping Estate to provide the community-based service with local churches.

ERB Alumni

- Set up Alumni for ERB programme graduates, encouraging members to pursue further studies and enhance their personal capabilities to serve the community.

China Programme - Qinghai Charity Hospital

- Co-operation with Qinghai Charity Hospital to provide medical services to underprivileged residents in Qinghai
- Donated a medical bus in 2016 as a mobile clinic serving poor and remote areas in Qinghai, have served 47,918 attendances


Initial Evaluation (IE) Status Assessed and Approved by Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ)

- Obtained Initial Evaluation (IE) status issued by HKCAAVQ, allowing us to offer Level 1 to Level 3 courses under Qualifications Framework.

Vocational Training Programme for Drug Abusers

- Collaborated with a drug treatment and rehabilitation NGO to offer vocational training programmes for drug abusers.

Outstanding Teaching Performance Incentive Scheme

- Launched an Outstanding Teaching Performance Incentive Scheme for teaching staff under Training Services Division with excellent teaching performance.

China Programme - Bridge Programme

- Supported 60 unadopted teenagers who, due to physical and intellectual disabilities, will transit from Xining Children's Home to the Social Welfare Institute when they turn 18


The Centre for Career Development and Employment Services

- Established the Centre for Career Development and Employment Services, providing a wide range of services including career planning, job search advice, career development guidance, job placement assistance, etc.

China Programme - Signed a 10-year agreement with the Qinghai Civil Affairs Department

- Establish a strategic partnership
- Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei was appointed Qinghai Charity Ambassador
- Assist Qinghai provincial government in looking after 36,000 disadvantage children
- Enhance workers' professionalism in children's welfare in Qinghai


Vocational Training Centre

- Established the first vocational training centre in the New Territories, located at Choi Yuen Estate in Sheung Shui.

After-school Child Care Services

- For children with Special Educational Needs
- Programme merged into "Support Services for Children & Families" in 2020


the olive leaf*

- The floral shop was opened at Tsuen Wan West MTR Station, provide floral sales to online and corporate customers
- Since Oct 2020, we provide floral sales to online and corporate customers only

Blessing Meal Programme

- Collaborating with Food Angel to provide 120 meal boxes per day at our headquarters to the needy from Monday to Friday
- Combined into "Support Services for Children & Families" in 2020


China Programme - Back-to-Serve Programme

- Invited adoptees to return to Qinghai to serve their peers at the children’s home


China Programme - Became the first registered overseas NGO in Qinghai

- Also the first organisation registered in China that bears “Christian” in the registered name


Collaborated with a Listed Catering Group to Offer Staff Level-3 Accredited Training Courses under Qualifications Framework (QF)

- Collaborated with a listed catering group to offer various Level-3 accredited training courses under QF for their food and beverage industry employees.

Green Connect

- Organise green workshops to promote upcycling
- Partnerships with corporations, housing estates, schools and churches help us to organize various green events
- Through various green workshops and housing estate's green events, the number of attendees is over 7,389

Headquarters relocation

- Relocated from New Horizons Building to Choi Wan (2) Estate


Lo Kwee Seong On Tai Service Centre

- Established in 2019 and funded by the Lo Kwee-Seong Foundation, our center is dedicated to providing a wide range of community services
- In 2020, a community-based service was established in On Tai Estate. Supported by funding from the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF), the "Flying over Self-Reliance & Mutual Help – House Captain for On Tai Project" has served over 6,000 individuals.
- In 2020, CA Emotion & Marriage Support by Family Therapy Center was established as a self-financed project. Each year, project coordinators with placement students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Applied Social Science - Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy provide professional therapy counselling services to individuals facing difficulties in their family relationships.
- In 2020, After School Care Programme (ASCP) for Primary School Student was established with funding from the Social Welfare Department/Community Care Fund (CCF). This service aims to provide care for children whose parents are unable to look after them during after-school hours because of work, job search, or other reasons. The service has benefited nearly 100 students.
- In 2021, we introduced "Support Service for Ethnic Minorities", offering various activities such as women's interest classes, health talks, children's Chinese classes, and children and youth interest classes. We have served nearly 50 families.
- "Enhanced ASCP/ ASCP for Primary School Student" and "School-based After School Care Service Pilot Scheme" were introduced in 2023.

Lo Kwee Seong On Tai Training Centre

- Provide career counselling, training courses and employment services

Support Services for Children & Families

- Combined after-school child care, blessing meal and new arrivals programmes etc. to meet society's needs
- Over 366,000 attendances


Food Station

- Provide food packs & nutritious meal boxes to 1,500 individuals without stable income and/ or living in sub-divided units.


Xining Children’s Home relocation

- Started a new page in child welfare services at the new Xining Children's Home in Qinghai


“Go Digital Career Project” - The First Community Digital Training Programme

- Funded by Lo Kwee Seong Foundation, "Go Digital Career Project" offered youths aged from 17 to 35 with digital market-driven vocational trainings in order to enhance their employability in the IT sector.

The 30th Anniversary of ERB Programme

- Provided ERB courses for 30 years, offering over 16,000 classes. The total number of individuals who have graduated from these courses exceeds 294,000, and we have successfully placed over 120,000 individuals in employment.