Friends of Christian Action Monthly Donation

Christian Action has been serving Hong Kong for over 35 years, it is our goal to help families and children who are disadvantaged, marginalised, displaced or abandoned.  To give them hope, dignity and self-reliance.  Fundraised through Friends of Christian Action Monthly Donation will empower us to provide all-round supporting service. Your generosity will help them to have brighter and more hopeful futures.

Our Beneficiaries


Low-income families

Services include food programme, blessing meal, after-school child care programme, mutual help women’s group, interest classes, and learning activities for children.


Underprivileged children & youth

Help children and teenagers to plan for the future, develop self-management habits, accumulate savings, enrich themselves and discover their potential.


Unemployed youth and adults

Help them to overcome work barriers and enhance employability to become self-reliance.

Ethnic minorities

Help ethnic minorities to integrate into society through a variety of services, including language classes, training programmes, and employment support.


Social Enterprise Development

Promote a Green Collection Programme and run two Community Sales Outlets that are selling goods at a great bargain for low income families.



Including orphans, persons with disabilities, refugees and migrant domestic workers etc.

Please support “Friends of Christian Action Monthly Donation”

Your donation can help us to carry out more all-round supporting services.

Use of Fund

  • $160/$480:To provide food support for one / three underprivileged families for a month
  • $700/$2,100:To provide after-school care for one / three underprivileged children for a month

Other Donation Method


By Autopay
Please download the direct debit authorisation form, then fax or post to us.

Tax Exemption
For Hong Kong Donors:
Receipts will be issued by Christian Action for donations over HK$100, which are tax deductible in Hong Kong.