Training and Employment Support

Since 1993, Training Services Division has been providing various vocational skill training and retraining programmes with an objective to bridge the gap between employers and employees, helping them to achieve their goals. To date, our major programmes include the ‘Manpower Development Scheme’(MDS) funded by Employees Retraining Board, In-house Training, Self Enhancement Courses & vocational skill training programmes for inmates and disadvantaged groups.

To date, Christian Action is one of the largest professional training organisations in Hong Kong.


Facts & Figures (up to March 2019)

  • MDS Programme (since 1993)
    Training Places: 280,000
    Classes Conducted: 14,000
    Successful Placements (Placement-tied Courses): 56,800

  • Self Enhancement Courses & In-house Training (since 2000)
    No. of Attendance: approx. 46,000
    Classes Conducted: approx. 2,660

  • Employment Agencies Network: over 30,000

Community Support for the Neighbourhood

Christian Action’s Training Services Division further extends its caring and expertise to the surrounding community.  Our aim is to encourage a sense of common understanding, mutual assistance, harmony, self-determination and resilence amongst local residents and for those neighbourhood in need.
The Centre for Career Development and Employment Services (since 2014)
  • the objective of the centre is to assist clients in exploring alternatives in their career development based on strengths perspective assessments. Key services include job referral/placement, career guidance and counselling, training on career planning, work-based learning, workplace attachment and tailor-made projects for different stakeholders
  • Around 1,300 job seekers have been served
Alumni (since 2012)
  • Over 13,000 members
  • Distribute Periodic Newsletter
  • Promote Community Services and Activities
  • Enhance Self-help, Resilience, Strength-based Perspectives