I Have No Regrets: Siu Tin


“I had an argument with my accompaniment partner, and in the heat of the moment, I went to the street and performed with my ukulele. I earned the most money that day on my busking journey in Australia.”

-  Siu Tin

Two years ago, Siu Tin started her 7-month working holiday in Australia, and every day she sang.

It’s 2005. Siu Tin was 10 years old, and her dream was to become a singer and artist. 

During that period of time, almost every single day after school, Siu Tin would pick up her microphone and start singing. She would keep singing until dinner time, but due to her family’s financial situation she couldn’t afford proper training. The turning point came in 2009 when Siu Tin’s mother picked up a pamphlet that eventually brought her closer to the world of music.

“This programme not only matches participants with the right mentors but also helps them save money.” Without a second thought, Siu Tin joined Christian Action’s Child Development Fund Programme. There she got acquainted with Ivy who provided her with much-needed guidance.

“The most profound moment in this two-year programme was when Ivy took us to an opera. I was blown away by the artists!” After the show, Siu Tin discovered the opera company was looking for talent for the upcoming operetta, La Vie Parisienne. She auditioned and was chosen! After a year of voice training, Siu Tin went to the stage and studiously performed. The experience solidified her determination to use the funds she saved to further study both singing and piano. 

Two years ago, Siu Tin and her partner went to Australia and became street performers.  Although public performance was always a life goal for her, she started having a second thoughts about her future. “Previously, I was more focused on my personal development, but now I want to do something that will help people in need, just as Christian Action helped me.”

To be young is to have endless possibilities, and no one should be deprived of this due to poverty.